Laura Boswell ARE – Printmaker

Tips and guides for Japanese woodblock printing


Mrs Sasuka's Garden - Laura Boswell Printmaker prints the final few copies of her Japanese watercolour woodblock print 'Mrs Sasuka's Garden, Fuji Hiding'

Bembridge Mill - Printing a massive Japanese woodblock print of Bembridge Mill

Chiltern build-up - Laura Boswell builds up the layers of colour in her Japanese woodblock print: Chiltern Seasons Spring

Cutting woodblock - Laura Boswell Cutting Japanese Ply for a Japanese woodblock print

Tying Baren - Demonstration video of tying Japanese bamboo baren.

This short video shows a master printer at work in traditional Japanese style

And this one shows the making of Japanese Washi paper

Making of Japanese handmade paper of Kyoto Kurotani from Kuroyanagi Takashi on Vimeo.


Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop: A Modern Guide to the Ancient Art of Mokuhanga By April Volmer
Published by Watson-Gupthill Publications

Full of beautiful photographs, contemporary and historical examples as well as practical advice.

This is the only book I know of on woodblock printing (in English) currently in print, but I can recommend these two if you can find them from second hand dealers.

The Art and Craft of Woodblock Printmaking by Kari Laitinen, Tuula Moilanen, Antti Tanttu
Published by University of Art and Design Helsiki ISBN 951-558-085-4

The best work on Japanese woodblock which I have found so if you do happen across a copy or can get one through a library I promise you will find it a mine of information

Japanese Woodblock Printing by Rebecca Salter
Published by A&C Black ISBN 978-0-7136-5297-0

An inexpensive and helpful book with plenty of colourful illustrations.

Modern Japanese Prints

Carnegie Museum of arts
ISBN 978-088039049-1

Shin Hanga: the new print movement in Japan by Barry Till

ISBN 978-0-7649-4039-2