Laura Boswell ARE – Printmaker

Artist’s Statement

I am based on the west coast of Scotland and my work is an exploration of space, scale and light in wild landscape. Prints begin with observational drawing and photography, but they are not direct geographic representations. They are a result of my response to the feel of place, the season and weather. I like my prints to be open to interpretation, reminding the viewer of their own experiences of wild places.

My prints rely on my drawn and painted line. The mark making in my prints is a direct result of my cutting around and away at the drawing and painting I make on the surface of my block. I experiment constantly with a mix of linocut, Japanese woodblock and Western woodblock. My techniques and approach are heavily influenced by studies in Japan. In addition to my usual editions, I am currently experimenting with monoprints combining wood lithography and lino, lino and drawn line.