Laura Boswell ARE – Printmaker

Videos about Japanese woodblock printing

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Mrs Sasuka's Garden - Laura Boswell Printmaker prints the final few copies of her Japanese watercolour woodblock print 'Mrs Sasuka's Garden, Fuji Hiding'

Bembridge Mill - Printing a massive Japanese woodblock print of Bembridge Mill

Chiltern build-up - Laura Boswell builds up the layers of colour in her Japanese woodblock print: Chiltern Seasons Spring

Cutting woodblock - Laura Boswell Cutting Japanese Ply for a Japanese woodblock print

Tying Baren - Demonstration video of tying Japanese bamboo baren.

New Astronomers - Laura Boswell ARE Printmaker editioning her Japanese Woodblock print 'The New Astronomers', one of a set of four prints on the subject of health in old age. Laura sells these prints for the benefit of Alzheimer's Research UK