Laura Boswell ARE – Printmaker

Tips and tricks to using one of our Registration Frames

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Printing a Colour Reduction Linocut - How to print a colour linocut using the reduction technique with Laura Boswell's 'Registration Device' - our very early film making days (sorry about the music!)

Lino Printing: Multi-block linocut printing using a Key Block method. - Laura uses her registration device to show how to produce accurate 'Multi-block' Lino-cut prints using a key block. If you’d like to say thanks for these films and help us to fund more, please chip in with a donation at my fundraising page at GoFundMe

Reduction Lino with Laura Ep 18 , No Press Registration Device for Table Top Printing - Our registration device for perfectly aligned prints every time. How it works and some of the tricks and hacks you can employ to get the most out of it. Our registration Devices come in two types: for hand printing or for use in a press. Standard devices will print lino up to A4 size and we can make bespoke sizes to order. They are available at my website:

Transferring a Lino Block by Offsetting for Multiblock Printing - A simple method for transferring a linocut key block design onto multiple blocks. The transfer is not quite as clean as some of the transfer methods using digital printouts and chemicals, but my method serves the dual purpose of transferring the image and positioning it in the correct place to line the blocks up correctly in the finished print (plus there’s no need for faffing with a computer, extra chemicals etc 🙂)
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