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How I produce a series of small lino prints for the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers Mini-prints show.

Unwrapping Washi Paper and planning new Linocut Prints - Hurrah! New washi paper from Awagami Factory in Japan. Introducing my new reduction print lino project - this time cutting out using paintings made direct to the lino as my cutting guide.

First layers on the small prints - Join me while I experiment with four little winter landscapes. In a new experiment I have painted landscapes directly onto lino using water based paint, this will survive the oil based inking and allow me to cut and develop these reduction prints in a combination of line and brush style cutting. Please support our film making by subscribing to my channel and liking the video (if you do like it of course!). Please check out my website at for more resources, a shop full of goodies and my gallery.

Cutting my Reduction Linocut to mimic Brush Marks - Time to sit back, relax and watch me doing some lino cutting as I work to mimic painted brush strokes giving a dynamic feel of my stormy winter sky. Most of the cutting is done with my beloved 1mm professional Japanese V tool and I’m modelling my optivisor magnifying lenses.

Printing a Tricky Reduction Linocut Sky - Ever tried to mix from yellow to blue with no green? This reduction lino evening sky print needs some careful colour mixing for a delicate bleed of convincing colour. Using traditional Oil based inks and extender

The Art on Our Walls - Family - Monday is the day for 'doing' videos and on Thursday I'm just enjoying sharing. Today it's family art. It's also been a great chance to clean behind some pictures - the spiders have had it their own way far too long...

Transferring a Lino Block by Offsetting for Multiblock Printing - A simple method for transferring a linocut key block design onto multiple blocks. The transfer is not quite as clean as some of the transfer methods using digital printouts and chemicals, but my method serves the dual purpose of transferring the image and positioning it in the correct place to line the blocks up correctly in the finished print (plus there’s no need for faffing with a computer, extra chemicals etc 🙂)

Linocuts and Woodblock prints on my wall - A break from the printmaking over New Year and a chance to catch up with some friends and their woodblock and linocut prints. We hope you enjoy seeing their work.

Two Multi block Lino Artist Support Pledge Prints - My latest Artist Support Pledge prints - these multiblock linocuts are made using a key block and offset printing. I'm returning to a more traditional linocut feel for these two - I'm after a retro book illustration vibe for these portraits of Doris and Betty. These two prints are available from my shop at

Reduction Linocut Printing : two different skies - Two different linocut skies - one very subtle, the other much brighter. Both are printed in traditional oil based inks on steel grey Stonehenge paper using an Albion Printing press and oil based inks with extender

Editing a Multi block Linocut during Printing - A broad video this one: some lino editing, cutting and printing advice plus with a look at how planning in waterbased ink and working in oil based ink allows me to keep my drawing reference on the block while I work. Prints available on my website

Colour Mixing Oil Based Relief Inks with Extender - Let's mix up a few colours using extender. Skies are really important to get right! Here I am using traditional relief printing ink for linocut and colour mixing for inking up my reduction linocut

Test Printing my Multi block Linocut ‘The Critic’ - While I’ve a fair idea of my colours, there are always a few corrections to make (ahem, the background) so here I’m printing my linocut The Critic for the first time in my Albion Press and trying to keep that retro woodblock illustration feel.

Adding a New Lino Block into my Multi-block Linocut ‘The Critic’ - Adding a new lino block into a multiblock linocut design - oops I decided to add a block to my print ‘The Critic’ - here’s how I did it and kept everything correctly aligned. I’m using thin Mylar to offset the wet water based ink from my line block onto the colour blocks and a white chinagraph (grease pencil) to shade in the parts of the block I don’t want to remove.

Reduction Linocut: mark making techniques for cutting - How to cut your linoprint to look like brush painting. I'm painting directly onto the lino as a guide for my cutting out using cheap poster paint. The block is printed with normal relief printing ink once I have cut it. You can check out the finished prints at

Reduction linocut: Controlling pressure and coverage - Attention to coverage and pressure are essential when adding the last delicate details to a linocut. You can see this set on my website at

Lino Printing delicate detail: adding the last few layers to a reduction linocut - Reduction linocut printing with transparent ink - when to use extender and when not to use it while I print a tiny flock of birds and some transparent clouds. Your can check out these prints and the rest of my work at

Print Studio Cat plus a Printing Timelapse - Doris supervising my multiblock linocut portrait print of her and a timelapse of me printing away on my Albion Press. Check out my drying racks made of picture cord and bulldog clips.

Laura Prints a Japanese Woodblock Timelapse - What do I do all day? A day's worth of timelapse while I print my Artist support pledge Japanese woodblock print. Check out my work on my website at

Reviewing my Four Linocut Light Study Prints - A look at the finished Light Study lino prints - these are printed in oil based printing ink on Stonehenge paper. These limited edition prints (editions of 14) are now available at

Rhubarb Sky - printing a Japanese woodblock print - Printing Rhubarb Sky, Hawnby with a commentary - join me as I explain my printing technique. This is a Japanese woodblock print (mokuhanga) that I cut some time ago. I am making further prints from the edition for exhibition a show about Japan at Beverley Art Gallery, Yorkshire this winter (2021)

Rhubarb Sky - ASMR - Printing Rhubarb Sky, Hawnby without a commentary - relax and watch me printmaking. This is a Japanese woodblock print (mokuhanga) that I cut some time ago. I am making further prints from the edition for exhibition a show about Japan at Beverley Art Gallery, Yorkshire this winter (2021).

Studio Tour and Filming update - New Press, New Videos and New Classes! - We're back! A tour around my printmaking studio, a look at my new intaglio etching press and some other new elements of my workspace. Find out what we'll be filming over the next few months. If you would like to learn face to face with me in 2021-2022 my course are available to book now at You can find out about my linocut book here

Awagami Paper Factory, Makers of Japanese Washi Paper: Interview with Craig Anczelowitz - A conversation with paper expert Craig about Awagami Papers ( and his connection with this long standing family company. We discuss what it is that sets Japanese washi apart from Western papers and the factory's manufacture of handmade and machine made papers. Learn about the special set of editioning papers Awagami supplies for printmakers and a paper I'm currently experimenting with for a special project. I commonly use the Shiramine roll for my Japanese woodblocks, am working with the handmade Yoshino paper and also mention the lightweight kitakata papers

Cutting Techniques: Multiblock Linocut Print - This is video number one of this pine tree print series. I am cutting traditional artist's lino using a mix of tools - a Pfeil no.12, a Powergrip and some of my own inherited tools from the 1930s. A tool similar to the wide Japanaese flat tool I use is avaialable in the UK at the time of writing this from Handprinted (

Linocut Printing: Cutting a Block for Blind Embossing - Here I am cutting a block to make a blind emboss and will show the results in a future video. The glass baren I am using comes from Thomas Petit You can buy my registration devices for press and tabletop use (standard size or order a bespoke device) at my website shop at

Linocut Printing: Adding a woodblock with raised grain - Adding woodgrain to a print is a lovely effect and in this video I explain how to raise the grain on a sheet of shina plywood despite the wood being a thin surface veneer. The shina I am using is sold as 'Asian Ply' by Great Art, but similar wood is available from Handprinted in the UK, or you could try alternative plywoods at a timer merchant, (out of stock at the time of writing this, but it comes in and out of stock regularly)

Mystery knife? A Precision tool for woodblock & linocut! - Ever been confused about that sloping knife that's included in a tool set you've bought to cut lino? I'll show you how to use it and what a fantastic precision tool it is for cutting lino as well as woodblock. For linocutters new to cutting wood, I'll show how the two materials differ and some things to watch out for when cutting wood (especially thin ply) for the first time. The wood I am cutting is shina ply - this type is sold as 'Asian Ply' by Great Art and the wider flat tool I mention comes from Handprinted who also sell left handed hangi-tos :)

Making art your job - Interview with animator Jimmy Makepeace - Our son Jim Boswell is an illustrator turned animator who works for Sons of Graham in Bristol. We discuss his career path, his sketchbooks and his unique drawing style. Some helpful tips for emerging illustrators and animators. Not your usual family chat! You'll find Jim on Instagram as Jimmy Makepeace ( and Sons of Graham here

Proof Printing Tips with my Combined Linocut and Woodblock Print - Plans and ideas change - and proofing is a good way of checking you are happy with a print as well as picking up on any little niggles that need attention. In this video I am using Lukas water based inks for the grey layers and Graphic Chemical water based ink for the final black layer. I am printing on Awagami Factory's Masa paper available from Handprinted ( Check out my earlier video in this series for advice on raising the grain on thin plywood (

Mixing Colour for Linocut Printing in Real Time - Slow and Nerdy! - Mixing the right colour inks takes time and that’s why this is a long one! Lots of hints and tips about colour mixing. I mention Wax Drier made by Cranfield Colour ( and inks by Lawrence Art Supplies – olive green and Payne’s grey – ( You’ll see me using my small Albion Press and I’m packing it with sheets of green card to get the printing pressure right. I’m printing onto Fabriano Rosaspina paper. These prints will be/are/were sold on my website at

Linocut Printing with NO Ink! Blind Embossing by Hand and by Press - Blind embossing experiments; testing various papers and methods for using a linocut block for embossing paper rather than printing on it. The papers I mention from Awagami Paper ( are Bunkoshi Select and Bamboo Select. I also use the widely available Fabriano Rosaspina. Our registration jigs for holding your blocks and paper on a press or by hand are for sale at ( and the flat chisel came from Handprinted ( Wooden spoon is a vintage one belonging to my late mum :)
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Linocut: printing fine details - do your cutting justice with the right technique! - This is my print 'Black Stone Beach' and you can see full details about this print here I am using a green durathene roller from Lawrence

What's in it for me - and for you? Answering your questions about my printmaking classes - Some fairly direct questions that come up for me as a teacher - this is a bit of a niche video which is why it's an extra. If you'd like to book a class you can do so here and if you'd love to read up on some more Q&A, my FAQ page is here

Let it Snow! Switching up a linocut print for a convincing snow scene - Adding snow isn't just a matter of cutting spots in the background - in this film I use a combination of tracing and planning to edit my two pine print and add a new background. To BUY one of these prints shop here while stocks last! The print I reference is called 'Bear on a Snow Covered Pine Tree' by Keisai Eisen c.1840 and I sourced it from the British Museum's site here

Me, Mozart and some speedy lino printing - Printing my Two Pine Red Sky linocut - I'm working with a woodgrain block that I have to hand print using a spoon folowed by two more lino blocks on the press. That's an oil based ink and I'm using rainbow rolls throughout.

All Snowflakes need love! Lino Cutting techniques for a realistic snowscene - Cutting methods for transforming my lino blocks. The tools I am using here are a mix of Pfeil, Traditional mushroom handled antique tools (that I inherited) and Japanese tools. To BUY one of these prints shop here while stocks last! You can buy their equivalent at Handprinted in the Uk and Mcclains Printmaking Supplies in the US The wax pencils (chinagraph) I am using are Stabilo 8052 graphic pencils

Twelve gizmos of Christmas: Useful equipment for your printmaking studio - Here are twelve inexpensive items I find useful in my studio to share with you this Christmas. Next week we are taking a break from filming to enjoy some family time. Our best wishes for the festive season!
Below are links to some of the products I mention. I've used links to large suppliers here to make these items as accessible as possible for everyone, but if you can support your local independent suppliers, that's even better. The products are listed by number to match the films.

2. non-slip rug underlay
3. tube wringer
5. sleeve protectors
7. Easy open Stanley knife/box cutter (love that it is called a 'fat max') and bulk blades
8. plastic tweezers
10. White chinagraph
11. Battery powered eraser

Balancing Colour on a Multiblock Reduction Linocut - An update on my two block reduction linocut of a limestone valley near Malham Cove in Yorkshire. I'm mixing and balancing greens for a bold foreground and printing a 'dead layer' - my name for those layers in a reduction print that appear to kill the image with their flat colour, but are a necesary stage in the creation of the print. I'm using traditional oil based inks from Cranfield Colours and the lovely brass roller (brayer) comes from Lawrence Art Supplies

Bonus Episode: Limestone Valley Reveal! - The finished print of 'Limestone Valley' - you can see a detail photo of it in my website gallery here or you can see it in person at the Horse bridge Arts Centre, Whitstable 22 Jan to 13 Feb 2022. Why not join me and the other amazing lino experts at the opening party on Saturday 22 Jan from 3.30pm? Details here

Mokulito/Mokuhanga project - when oil based wood lithography meets Japanese water based woodblock - Apologies for the film quality here - our plannned film is currently in lock down on a broken computer. However, this is a great chance to give an overview of this very experimental project and to show you a little bit of Japanese woodblock proof printing. You will find much more detail about Japanese woodblock printing in my other films - check out the playlists for complete series.
Mokulito is a wood lithography method I learned with East London Printmakers with Caroline Whitehead’s expert tuition

Printing Mokulito Block One - Mokulito/Mokuhanga Project, Japanese woodblock and wood lithography - My first printing and it's oil based so we can see how the water based Japanese woodblock will sit over the oil based relief ink. I am using Cranfield traditional oil based ink and the colour is cut 50/50 with extender, then boiled linseed oil is added to make a soft mixture.

Tip - if you are using the kento system to register, send the print through the press kento corner first, it can move if you send it through corner last.

Stick on Kentos are available from Handprinted in the UK, My etching press comes from Art Equipment Ltd

We boobed, but it's OK! Cutting Kentos and my Japanese Woodblock for the Mokuhanga, Mokulito project - Things go wrong and that's OK - we messed up the filming, I changed my mind about the blocks - it's real life! We considered reshooting all this to make it run more smoothly, but that seemed wrong. The whole point of this series is that I'm learning and documenting my trials as I go.

Aligning Multiple Mokulito Blocks for my Mokolito/Mokuhanga project - Mokulito is a slightly dark art and it is important to understand what needs to stay wet or dry etc to get it working well. In this film I'm sharing some basic dos and don'ts as well as printing up my second block to line up with the foreground

A Mokulito Print from Start to Finish - Follow the who process of creating 'Sisters' from start to finish. You can see - and buy - the print on my website. It costs £65 and there are 18 prints in the edition

The board I am using is cheap builder's plywood and I have marked it up with carbon paper (the more carbon you can deposit the better!) Charbonnel liquid ground and a random lip liner pencil. I'm inking with Cranfield's traditional oil based ink mixed 50-50 with extender and enough boiled linseed oil to make the ink sloppy. The printing paper is cotton rag paper and it is damp for printing.

I think it is a good idea to take a course if possible. I studied with Caroline Whitehead, an excellent teacher, at East London Printmakers and I can thoroughly recommend the class.woodblock cutting tools,
multiblock printing
wood lithography

Interview with mokuhanga printmaker Mara Cozzolino and her Japanese woodblock project Memento - Mara Cozzolino is a good friend and extremely accomplished Japanese woodblock printmaker. In this film we discuss her work and her project to commemorate trees lost to forest fires near her home in Italy. She describes how she used the burnt tree bark to make her own pigment and how she cut blocks to create a set of twenty prints, each a portrait of a particular tree. At the end of the film you can see the entire collection of prints that make up her Memento project.

Find out more about Mara's work and to buy her prints at

learn with Mara here

follow Mara on social media here //

for the film about making sumi ink - I couldn't find exactly the right film, but this one is helpful

You can buy stick on Kento corners at Handprinted in the UK - for a list of suppliers in Japan please check out my resources page here

A Delicate Touch for a Sky of Rainbow Rolls - I’m working here in traditional oil based inks by Cranfield Colours and using Hosho paper. Very thin layers of ink and lots of extender

Wheat Fields - Blue Sky Combined Linocut and Woodblock Print - 'Wheat Fields Blue Sky' is a limited edition of 50 prints. I am selling them at £35 (+p&p) and will be donating the full £35 from every sale to the DEC Ukcraine Humanitarian Appeal ( Prints go ON SALE at 11AM (UK time) THIS FRIDAY 18th March 2022 in the SHOP on my website

Adapting linocut & woodblock blocks for a new print Ep 1 offset transfer and cutting tips - Wheat Fields Blue Sky is on sale at 11am (UK time) 18/3/2022 - a limited editio of 50 prints with all sales proceeds going to DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal ( Prints cost £35 plus P&P.

This is part one of three films covering the making of this print. In this episode I adapt a previous print to make a new work for the appeal. In episode two I mix colour and make a yellow to blue rainbow roll and in episode three I edition the print.

Fundraiser Film Episode 2 -