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Videos about lino printing

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Lino Cut Techniques: Fine Detail - In this video Laura Boswell shows how she works on fine detail in a lino cut print, using brushwork marks to create the impression of spontaneity.

Lino Printing Techniques - Printing translucent layers in a reduction linocut using extender

Laura Boswell: Multi-block printing - Laura uses her registration device to show how to produce accurate 'Multi-block' Lino-cut prints

Printing a Colour Linocut - How to print a colour linocut using the reduction technique with Laura Boswell's 'Registration Device'

Vale Raking Light - The differing copies of Vale Raking Light presented as an animation.

Laura's Christmas Message 2016 -
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Printing 'Falls Near Galloway' - Laura Boswell prints her linocut 'Falls Near Galloway'. This is a multiblock linocut which Laura prints using her methods, her registration device and economy tools, materials and paper.

Laura Boswell prints a reduction linocut from drawing to final edition - Laura Boswell Printmaker designing, cutting and printing one of her reduction linocut prints. This one is entitled 'Divided Cliffs, St Abbs Head', a view of the cliffs to the east of Edinburgh. The film documents the various techniques which Laura has developed into her unmistakable style. This video is not intended as a guide to reduction linocut, it is an expression of the process, of time passing, of the repetition and of the skills that go into a work like this.

A brief film of Laura Boswell making 'Divided Cliffs, St Abbs Head' - Laura Boswell specialises in Reduction Linocut, this short film follows some of the steps in producing one of her editions. A longer version of the film is available at: