Laura Boswell ARE – Printmaker

Working with the Biosphere

In 2022 we moved to Scotland and now live within the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere. The area around us was recognised as a world class environment for people and nature in 2012 and I joined the Proud Supporter scheme as a local business in 2023 and achieved full certification in 2024. This means working to reduce our environmental impact, supporting other local businesses and raising awareness of our Biosphere. You can learn about the Biosphere here

Here are a few of the ways we are supporting the ethos of the Biosphere in our day to day business:


I teach using Caligo safewash inks made by Cranfield Colour which are water washable, made with renewable linseed oil and carry the AP Approved Product Seal from the Arts and Creative Materials Insitute.

I teach and work with traditional artist lino. This lino is made from renewable materials: wood flour, calcium carbonate and linseed oil. Used lino is cleaned and composted at our local waste centre.

We recycle cotton rags and towels for clean up which are laundered and reused.

We supply class refreshments in reusable insulated cups and provide cutlery and plates, encouraging students to bring lunches with minimal packaging.

We encourage informal car sharing between students staying locally and have links for bicycle hire and public transport in our class information.

We use Japanese paper from Awagami Factory who produce paper in harmony with the local environment and artisan papermakers

Packaging, Greetings Cards and framing

We order in bulk to reduce transport and packaging waste

Our packaging is plastic free, we use paper tape, craft paper and corrugated card or cardboard tubes for day to day packing. We use corrugated card stiffing and board envelopes for small prints and cardboard tubes for large prints.

We transport prints to fairs wrapped in reusable blankets made from recycled materials rather than plastic pouches or bubblewrap

We frame our work using conservation grade mount board and solid ash timber. We use AV70 glass and look to provide bespoke frames for my prints that are durable, will protect the work and will last many years.

Online orders for Greetings Cards are sent out plastic free unless specially requested.

Supporting local business and community

We collaborate with local artists here in Kirkcudbright to share the delivery and collection of art to exhibitions and shows, cutting down on mileage.

I am a member of the local Art Trail which encourages visitors to engage with artists and businesses here in Kirkcudbright, this is a collective local business venture.

We produced a film in 2023 that has been shown in the Kirkcudbright Galleries alongside an exhibition of work by artists on the Art Trail. The film showcases the local artists on the trail. You can watch it here

I am a member of Upland, a locally based visual art, design and craft development organisation which in turn works with the biosphere and engages in local art projects.

Upland’s work also includes Spring Fling, our local curated open studio event. 2024 will be my second Spring Fling event.

I encourage visiting students to book into local accommodation and to eat and shop locally by providing information with class bookings and also personal recommendations.

I provide information on local tourist attractions, the Biosphere, wild swimming and cycle tours.