Laura Boswell ARE – Printmaker

Laura Boswell


Laura Boswell is a printmaker working exclusively with linocut and traditional Japanese woodblock printing. She has a degree in Art History/Visual Art from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and was elected to the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers in 2018.

Laura has attended three printmaking residencies in Japan to study Japanese woodblock printmaking (mokuhanga) with master craftsmen. This spring she spent a month in Tokyo sharing studio and exhibition space with three fellow artists and she was selected as one of five British artists exhibiting at the Ulsan International Print Festival in South Korea this summer. Her book ‘Making Japanese Woodblock Prints’ will be published shortly by Crowood Press.

Laura’s work often references a traditional Japanese aesthetic in its use of white space, her colour choices and minimal approach. She also shares the Japanese appreciation of rigorous training and practice. Her work employs impulsive line and brushwork, requiring meticulous cutting and printing to give the impression of fluid spontaneity. Her painterly approach, for both print processes, requires many layers of transparent colour and she often prints multiple times between cuttings when working on her reduction linocuts*. 

In addition to her printmaking, Laura teaches, writes a monthly column for Artists and Illustrators Magazine and works on the occasional public art project. Her prints feature in national collections including the Buckinghamshire County Museum, The House of Lords and the Library of Wales. She will shortly be co-hosting a weekly podcast called ‘Ask an Artist’ with painter Peter Keegan.

*reduction linocut, the process used by Laura for all her linocut work, utilises a single piece of lino for each print, with the lino cut away as layers are printed.