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How I produce a series of small lino prints for the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers Mini-prints show.

A package from Awagami -

First layers on the small prints - Join me while I experiment with four little winter landscapes. In a new experiment I have painted landscapes directly onto lino using water based paint, this will survive the oil based inking and allow me to cut and develop these reduction prints in a combination of line and brush style cutting. Please support our film making by subscribing to my channel and liking the video (if you do like it of course!). Please check out my website at for more resources, a shop full of goodies and my gallery.

Cutting a painted sky - Time to sit back, relax and watch me doing some fiddly cutting as I work to mimic the brush strokes and dynamic feel of my stormy winter sky. most of the cutting is done with my beloved 1mm professional Japanese V tool and I’m modelling my optivisor magnifying lenses.

Printing a Tricky Sky - Ever tried to mix from yellow to blue with no green? This evening sky print needs some careful colour mixing for a delicate bleed of convincing colour.

The Art on Our Walls Friends (part 1) -

The Art on Our Walls - Family - Monday is the day for 'doing' videos and on Thursday I'm just enjoying sharing. Today it's family art. It's also been a great chance to clean behind some pictures - the spiders have had it their own way far too long...

Transferring a Line Block by Offsetting - A simple method for transferring a key block design onto multiple blocks. The transfer is not quite as clean as some of the transfer methods using digital printouts and chemicals, but my method serves the dual purpose of transferring the image and positioning it in the correct place to line the blocks up correctly in the finished print (plus there’s no need for faffing with a computer, extra chemicals etc 🙂)

IntroducingTwo Small, New Cat Prints - My latest Artist Support Pledge prints - these multiblock linocuts are made using a key block and offset printing. I'm returning to a more traditional linocut feel for these two - I'm after a retro book illustration vibe for these portraits of Doris and Betty. These two prints will be in my shop on 27 November for £35 in aid of the Artist Support Pledge.

Editing the Sisters Print - A broad video this one: some editing, cutting and printing advice along with a look at how planning in waterbased ink and working in oil based ink allows me to keep my drawing reference on the block while I work. The Sisters print and its partner The Critic are now on sale at £35 each on my website at From 27/11/2020 to 16/12/2020 if you spend £20 or more in my shop or gallery, I'll put you into my Christmas Shopper's Prize Draw with 20 prizes from orignal prints to our tabletop registration device, washi paper packs and £20 gift vouchers with Handprinted to be won! Full details on my website

Cat Prints timelapse -

Laura Prints Late Persimmons - timelapse -

Reviewing the Light Study Landscapes - A look at the finished Light Study prints - this one is a little out of sequence as I want people to see the finished result as the prints are now in my gallery. We'll be going back to the printing of these with some more instructional films through December and January.
These limited edition prints (editions of 14) are now on sale for £120 at