Laura Boswell ARE – Printmaker

A series following the making of a Japanese woodblock print

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Join me while I push the boundaries of my Japanese woodblock printing and experiment with a new print. There will be lots of help and tips for learning throughout this series as you watch one of my woodblock prints come to life. Remember to check on the homepage for details of my Friday night livestreams if you’d like to join me for Q&A and printmaking chat.

My book Making Japanese Woodblock Prints (Crowood Press) is available from booksellers and gives a comprehensive step by step guide to the process for beginners.

Episode 1 - Welcome to #woodblockwithlaura - Welcome to my new series on Japanese watercolour woodblock printing. There'll be loads of hints and tips along the way as I develop my project from design drawings to finished print.

Episode 2 - Developing the Design Drawing - It's often a winding road from sketch to finished 'design drawing' ready to turn into a print. Here's how I get there (spolier - the image will still keep changing!).