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Multiblock Lino Printing series

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Join me for this series on multi-block lino with and without a press. I’ll be experimenting with two prints and various interpretations on an assortment of papers. A real pix ‘n’ mix of a series.

#Linowithlaura second series introduction - Thanks to your support we are starting series two of #linowithlaura. Here's an introduction to the new series. Dates for livestreams will now be up on my website at so you never miss the party!

1 - How I Draw - Welcome to series two and an episode about developing drawings for print and the various helpful resources I use along the way. This series will be coming out three times a week (Mon, Tues and Fri) and you can check live stream dates at on my website homepage.

2 - Designing for lino - Design tips to consider when developing your ideas into a linocut. A walk through some of my prints to show ideas and themes that work well in linocut printmaking. Check my website’s home page for livestream dates if you’d like to join the party for a chat and some Q&A.

3 - Making lino plans from the design drawing - In this episode, I’m talking through the thinking needed when using the design drawing for planning out a linocut. I have two different landscapes and I explain how I will develop each landscape in two different ways to demonstrate various possibilities of cutting and printing with lino.

4 - Adapting the reg device - In this video I adapt one of our registration devices to accept smaller paper sizes (if you use another registration method, this video probably isn’t one for you - but we’ll be back to more general advice in the next one!). In this series I am planning to use Awagami Factory’s sample pack of editioning papers which are too small to fit our standard frame. This work-around fixes that and opens up the possibility of using a wide range of paper stocks.

5 - Making a master tracing for multiblock lino - Accuracy is everything when making a master tracing for multiblock. In this video I look at the types of tracing materials available and how to centre the tracing properly.

6 - Adjusting new tools and prolonging their sharpness - Everyone loves new tools! Before you rush to get cutting, this video shows how to adjust tools to the correct length, how to hone (polish) a new blade before use to prolong its sharpness, plus a little aside on how to use the Japanese knife included in many tool sets that often mystifies Western printmakers!

7 - Dividing lino designs into blocks - In this epidode I am dividing up the design drawing into the different blocks needed to make a multiblock linocut. I'm working with one master image and two interpretations: one graphic and one naturalistic to show different approaches to the same initial drawing. Today it is Buckinghamshire, but we will look at my design for Scotland too in a later episode.

8 - Preparing and fixing the lino - It's all about the lino in this episode: prepping, sanding and staining, plus how to fix the lino to a baseboard and centre it accurately in my registration frame.

9 - From finished print down into separate blocks - A cheeky bit of printing to start this episode so that I can explain dividing a design up into its separate block, working backwards from finished print. Breaking a drawing into different blocks is a tricky concept so we are taking time to show the process in different ways.

10 - Transfering the design onto blocks - A shout out for some inspiring resources and artists, alongside the task of transferring my master tracing onto the various blocks for one of my multiblock print designs. You'll see how I continue to edit and adapt the master tracing as I go.

11 - Cutting interlude! - Just cutting - in this episode I am cutting a shadow block for a Buckinghamshire print with some tips on ways of using tools, how deep to cut and using a rubbing to check that you are happy with your markmaking.

12 - Three tips for checking cutting and alignment - Three simple and easy tips for keeping an eye on your cutting and checking that your blocks are correctly aligned. Plus a quick look at some mark making.

13 - Rollers, barens and sundries - A quick look at some of the equipment I use for inking and handprinting linocuts, plus some other useful bits and bobs!

14 - cutting fine detail - A look at cutting a fine detailed area accurately and some of the tools I use for the job.

15 - a look at waterbased, safewash and oilbased inks - All about the inks - in this episode I look at the different properties of inks from water based to oil based safewash and traditional inks, their compatability and additives for improving performance and drying.

16 - Mixing Greens - I'm often asked about colour mixing. Here's a look at the kind of greens I work with and how I mix them.

17 Using extender for lively grey shades - Lively and complex greys are a vital part of my printmaking. Maybe not fifty shades, but here's how I mix them and how extender brings them to life.

18 - A little about paper - A run down on papers for hand printing and how I choose my papers for linocut printmaking.

19 - Editing multiblocks as I go along! - As always, I'm changing things! Here's how I edit a multiblock as I go along!

20 - Painting with rollers - A printing demonstration - start to finish - to show some loose painterly techniques for a lively print.

21 - Linocut Mishaps - Printing mishaps really - a few common problems I encounter when teaching (nothing I haven’t done myself many times too!) and some solutions!

22 - Printing Evening Light - A lesson in using very extended inks. I have an upcoming episode about extender with oil based inks which has some important tips about colour changes so do watch out for that - maybe subscribe to my YouTube so you don't miss it!

23 - A Quirk of Extender and Ink Care - Here's some advice if you use as much oil based extender in your work as I do, plus some useful tips on keeping your inks in good condition. Big thank you to Cranfield Colours for the information in this video.

24 - Rainbow Rolling the Scottish Print - Three layers of rainbow rolling for this print - rainbow rolls can be as bold or as subtle as you like and are a helpful way of getting more ‘bang’ for your buck when printing.

25 - Adding an Extra Block to the Scottish Print - Adding another block to change an existing print design is perfectly possible and a great way of extending the life of your blocks.

26 - Free Inking the Scottish Print - A looser inking approach to the Scottish print bringing the extra block into play.

27 - Some Thoughts and Conclusions on Lino With Laura 2 - To wind up this series, here are a few thoughts on this project. I am now selling original prints made from these blocks as part of the #artistsupportpledge - they cost £35 each and you'll find them on my website at