Laura Boswell ARE – Printmaker

Dislike a bench hook for cutting? Use a non-slip mat

Rather than lugging ten bench hooks to every class I teach, I use these home made non-slip cutting mats. They also allow for moving your lino or wood around at any angle. You’ll find the non-slip rug underlay at Ikea and also any shop that sells rugs and carpets. Edging them with fabric scraps, like I’m showing here, stops the mat curling up and prolongs its life (I also get to use up fabric scraps and all the funny old lengths of cotton on my bobbins).

Do remember to replace the machine needle if, like me, you do twelve on the trot. Also, if you are going for that Stepford wife/husband look, you can pair your cutting mat scraps to your outfit like I have here. ;) #overthetop....