Laura Boswell

Laura Boswell is an artist printmaker with a business background. She received her degree in visual art and art history from The University of Wales, Aberystwyth. She then pursued a career in the photographic industry. In 2005 she returned to printmaking, specialising in linocut, and almost immediately started work on two public art projects for her local council. Following the successful delivery of twin street length enamel murals for Aylesbury in 2009 she undertook an international print residency in Japan to train with Japanese masters in traditional Japanese woodblock. In 2013 she returned to Japan for a further printmaking residency and in 2014 led a delegation from Oxford Brookes University at the Tokyo International Print Conference. In addition to her printmaking and public art commissions, she exhibits and teaches regularly and writes a monthly column for Artist and Illustrator’s Magazine. Her prints feature in national collections including the House of Lords and the Library of Wales.